He grinned feeling her fingers and lips tracing along his chest, he enjoyed the feeling of running along the rooftops. The elation and adrenaline of the fight and chase. But nothing could compared to this feeling, Talia could make most men adore her Batman included. He smiled at her. She certainly did have some tricks he didn’t know about but that added to mystery that enshrouded her.

The warmth of her body left him as she moved. “No I haven’t-” He grinned at her words implying other meanings. “But I’m sure that can wait for now.” Who could say no to someone as lovely as Talia in such a situation? He smiled feeling her lips trailing along his inner thighs, he could feel himself being aroused more than he had been by her presence against him before. “I’m sure I could help you with that Talia.”

 Her lips continued to crawl up his inner thigh as he spoke. Bruce was doing much too much talking lately. She silenced him by wrapping her lips around the tip of him, taking a moment to tease around in a slow circle, flicking tenderly along the underside for a moment before driving the length of him into her waiting mouth. Her fingers gripped his thighs just below his ass, pulling his naked form closer to her as she adjusted herself, on her knees in the shower.

The water running down their naked bodies between them only added to the urgency of the moment, and Talia was suddenly grateful that he hadn’t turned off the water when she started her plan of attack, so to speak. A low moan broke from her lips, vibrating him against her tongue as her free hand moved between her legs, working herself at the same time as she worked him. Talia knew how to get what she wanted, and she knew how to get done what she wanted.

It was just a matter of time, after all.

He fell silent as she took him in. He let out a soft sigh and smiled, Talia had never been one to mess around. She knew exactly what she wanted, how to get it and how to do it. Not that he ever complained about what he and Talia did. He gasped feeling her finger dig into the backs of his thighs.

He could feel himself becoming more excited, more aroused, he closed his eyes slightly. The water running off of his body and down to the floor. The water cascading off of him and Talia, drumming along the floor, he ignored the noise and played with her hair slightly. He groaned at the increase of her movements, at the moans of her please he smiled slightly and closed his eyes again.

 It was time to finish what she started. Her lips moved against him faster, sucking and trailing her tongue slowly along the underside of him, pausing to circle just around the tip hestitantly before plunging him back into her mouth. There wasn’t a second that she didn’t want him in her mouth. As much as her body wanted to shove him against the shower wall and fuck him senseless, she refrained so that she could finish him first. Her tongue was working in tandem with her moans as her fingers moved to touch herself, unable to hold back anymore.

Softly, she parted her own lips, stroking her clit over and over as her moans built around him, begging him silently with her eyes as she gazed up at him.


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