“Please.” He gestured towards the chair before she had a chance to fully leave it. “There has just become more to discuss on the matter.” Talia returned to her chair and finished the last bit of her wine. Fries slipped his glass across the table, having no use for it and continued. “There was a small amount of trust earned moments ago when it appeared that this discussion would have to go on hold. But your actions still hold a lot of mystery for me. You have no strong ties to me, Nora, nor Peyton so what is the cause of such intense frustration? If you wish for me to lay my everything into a pit that I know almost nothing about then I need to know what it is you stand to gain.” 

 What there was to gain. Oh, fantastic. He was asking her to bare her soul to him to establish trust. Trust. What a silly, little word. It meant so much to some people and so little to others. Was this man, Victor Fries, worth the effort of spilling out her life story with her father, how he treated her like she was second-rate all of her life, her pathetic attempt to prove something to herself by finishing the work he couldn’t? She noticed her wine glass was empty, leaning forward to pour herself another and top off Victor’s, obviously stalling.

"What did I do that so honestly affirmed your trust in me, pray tell?" The gun. She had slid him his gun when the havoc had broken out beyond their enclosed area. Of course. How could she have been so trusting? He could have shot her right then and there. Perhaps she had just assumed that him killing her served no purpose for him. Why would he do something so fruitless and unimportant? He wouldn’t.

A heavy sigh left her lips as she decided that perhaps she could tell him. Taking a final sip of wine, she narrowed her eyes at him before deciding to speak. “I’m not sure why I’m deciding to tell you this, but you did ask. My father was not a kind man. He treated me much less than a daughter should be treated; I never felt loved in my home. Although I might not have any true emotional ties to Peyton, your wife, or yourself, I envy the passion, love, and fire you all possess. It must be so incredible to feel so much for one person that you would give up your life to see them well. I would have given up my life to see my father well, but he would have the opposite. He would have thrown me first into the fire, just to see if I burned.” She snarled, knocking back the rest of the glass.

"I was a prize to him. I was first to be married off to Batman, then to be married off to Bane. I wasn’t a human, I was a commodity. I could do nothing on my own in my father’s eyes. Well, now he is dead. I am still loyal, but I am bitter. I want to prove, more to myself than to anyone else, that I can be more than what my father had slated for me in life. I can finish my father’s work, and prove to the world that I am more than merely the head of the demon’s shadow."


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    "I am usually not one for family quarrels, but I understand failing a loved one all too well." Another disturbance broke...

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