“Good evening, Doctor. Please proceed ahead of me and keep your hand away from the gun. I do not wish to find out who is the better shot.” Freeze and Talia walked into the Iceberg Lounge and were directed to a private room just as he had requested. And though he saw no…

“I attended tonight’s meeting in good faith but in better preparation. I hold nothing against you, Doctor but I also have no reason to trust. And even less reason to trust Hush or Strange. Nora’s well being means more to me than you could ever imagine and I would do anything to see that smile finally appear somewhere other than in my blistered dreams. But this is not the answer to my problem. Things are so very different on a molecular level.” He could read the negativity she was beginning to development in her demeanor and tried to redeem the conversation. “Please understand.” He opened and closed his hands a few times, observing the entire time. “This, was possible through science. Cold and precise calculations allow me to be here at this very moment; nothing more nor less. I do not doubt the powers of these pits but as far as I am concerned they are magic, and there is a rule against mixing the two.”

 Talia’s expression faded a bit and a low growl left her lips as she slammed down an open hand on the table. This was awful. This wasn’t what she wanted at all. This was not the outcome of this little chat. Exasperated, she began to rub her temples in frustation. He was being too kind for such a let down. “Then how was Peyton Riley attempting to help you if the Lazarus Pits are useless to us?! Ugh, forget it all, Doctor. I’m sorry I wasted you-“

A gun shot ringing out made Talia jump, reaching for her gun and tossing Fries his. The two of them peered outside of the thick curtains sectioning their room off from the rest of the dining hall to see the Joker, how typical, and his gang of idiots. Rolling her eyes, she muttered “Cost clear. Just a circus passing through.” before slipping back into the confines of her privacy. They waited in silence for a few more moments, Talia taking another sip of her wine every so often, before she heard Cobblepot’s voice.

Leaning out again, she watched him make a toss, raising her glass silently behind his back and drinking when Hugo Strange and Selina Kyle, of all people, toasted to his health. Tucking herself back inside, she stood to shake the Doctor’s hand. “Clearly, our business is finished and was fruitless. I apologize for wasting your time.”

Time to back-track and redirect. She had made an error. Such event would not occur again.


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    Talia watched him rise and leave in silence, nodding to him as he nodded to her, trying to not allow her eyes to widen...
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    "I am usually not one for family quarrels, but I understand failing a loved one all too well." Another disturbance broke...

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