A Night On The Town.


“Good evening, Doctor. Please proceed ahead of me and keep your hand away from the gun. I do not wish to find out who is the better shot.” Freeze and Talia walked into the Iceberg Lounge and were directed to a private room just as he had requested. And though he saw no reason to distrust Talia he remained observant. They took their seats and placed their guns on the adjacent table. “Now, you have my time and attention. What interest do you have in Peyton? “

 A soft grin stretched over Talia’s lips as she listened to Victor’s words, nodding curtly as she walked into the Lounge beside him, being guided towards the private room he had apparently arranged. What a lovely touch. A private room. Perfect. She avoided any confrontation with Oswald, whom she also nodded curtly at, but her eyes flickered over the back of a bald head that could be no one else but the great Doctor Hugo Strange. She wondered internally why he hadn’t the time to return her call, but it was of no matter. She would wait however long it took to… was that Selina Kyle with him?! Of course it was. She was pratically seethed as she glared dangers at the bitch’s head. What a slut; it was so very like the idiotic Kitten to go out in public with yet another man she was screwing. Just how indecent did she intend to make herself?

Taking a seat and placing her gun beside Victor’s out in the open, Talia allowed a glass of red wine to be poured for the two of them as the heavy curtains separating their conversation from the rest of the dining hall were closed, giving them all the privacy they needed. “Peyton Riley is a mutual friend of ours. Although we weren’t as close as I had hoped we would become, I was aware that she was planning to help you with your wife.” She paused here, she and Nora had known each other briefly before her illness, and she genuinely wanted Victor involved in her work so that she could help the Fries’.

"My father left extensive information on the whereabouts of the Lazarus Pits. I assume you are familiar with their existance, Doctor." She paused for a moment, allowing the information to sink in as she took another sip of wine. "I know where to find them. I just need the man-power and the will-power and intellect to help me continue my father’s research. If you will help me, I want to help you restore your wife’s safe and alert state. I want to find a way to extract the regenerative power of the Lazarus Pits and use it in smaller dozes, outside of their natural habitat. With your help, the help of Doctor Hugo Strange, and the potential help of Doctor Thomas Elliot, I believe it won’t take as long as I expected."


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    Talia watched him rise and leave in silence, nodding to him as he nodded to her, trying to not allow her eyes to widen...
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    "I am usually not one for family quarrels, but I understand failing a loved one all too well." Another disturbance broke...

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