The last day had shocked him, he was worn out. He’d been baffled by Joker’s supposed death, then surprised that he’d even fallen for that trick. He wasn’t normally stupid enough to believe his tricks. But that didn’t matter now he’d stop Joker soon enough.

Walking through the cave he pulls the…

 As Talia left the hospital, the brim of her signature hat pulled down tightly over her eyes, sheilding them from the setting sun, she considered her next move. She had already met with Victor Fries last night, and now she has successfully spoken with Thomas Elliot. The only person left on her list before setting an actual date and beginning to gather material and inteligence was Doctor Hugo Strange. She was still awaiting his phone message, but had heard that with the re-opening of the Iceberg Lounge, he and that fucking Cat were probably busy.

 She smirked to herself as she got on the subway, squeezing between an aging man and a crying child as she pondered the idea that Selina Kyle was truly out of her hair now. She was fairly delighted that she no longer had to rely on Thomas Elliot’s spying ablilities. She felt as though he hadn’t really cared for the job, nor did she had enough to offer him in return. Now, Bruce Wayne was truly only hers. She wondered how long it would last before he took up his old ways again. Shaking her head, it had been a long day, and she needed to blow off some steam. This was not the thing to be thinking of.

Getting off at her usual stop, it didn’t take her long to find a way to the BatCave. She had been given access long ago, and now knew all the proper codes for entry. Strutting into the main room, she saw Bruce’s mask and cape hanging over the arm of a couch, smirking to herself. She could hear the water running. Time to surprise Bat-boy.

Stripping herself naked of all her clothing right there in the main control room, Talia carefully placed her dress, heels, broad-rimmed hat, and jewerly on the couch ontop of Bruce’s mask before padding along the floors to the bathroom. The shower was running, steam billowing out like cotton candy from under the door as she eased it open. Bruce was silent as he showered, his back to her. She slid the glass door open, releasing the extravangantly large chamber as she stepped inside, wrapping her arms around his naked waist, her lips pressing against the wet, hot skin of his back and shoulder blades from behind.

"Well hello handsome. Rough day at the office?"


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    The showered sprayed along his shoulder blades the droplets running down his back, across his chest falling onto Talia...
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    It was time to finish what she started. Her lips moved against him faster, sucking and trailing her tongue slowly along...
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