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The place had been pre-arranged on the notecard delivered to the hospital. Talia looked at it again, nodding curtly to the nurse who had handed it to her, before ripping it up into a hundred pieces, the pieces going into her pocket. She would rather keep it quiet that she was aiding a criminal. In fact, with the amount of criminals she was working with, it was surprising that she hadn’t been caught up just yet or found red-handed by Bruce. Perhaps that was why she was being so careful.

What she was doing wasn’t really wrong, though. She simply wanted to finish the research her father started, and aid a girl that she had wanted to help. It seemed awful that the girl had left this world the way that she did, especially since many people claimed it to be the result of Batman of all people, and she had so desperately wanted to show her that there could be more to life than a man. Being paraded around on sale like a cheap whore by her father, always looking for a suitable heir when she was young, had made her stronger and a more independent woman. Although she had fallen in love with Bruce in the process, that was of no matter.

She waited silently at the street corner, the broad brim of her hat sheilding her eyes and looking rather odd for the late hour. Almost all of the street lights were out, and Talia removed one of her silk black gloves to examine her nails. She needed to make a new appointment, so it seemed. Perhaps she’d get the same, blood red color done again.

The sound of footfalls made her slide her glove back on and glance up from under the brim of her hat, her hand flying inside her coat pocket to touch the hilt of her handgun. However, Victor’s face soon came into view; the suit and all. It was always a marvel to see him like this, and although Victor and Talia weren’t friends, he was probably one of the only villains that didn’t truly despise her. Then again, she never really thought of Victor as a villain; just a man in love. True love. Isn’t that what every girl wanted?

"It is good of you to meet me, Doctor. I have a very interesting proposition for you that involves a mutual… friend of ours; Peyton Riley."

© Talia Al Ghul,
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